3 Patti Club APK Download – New Teen Patti App 2023

By | October 31, 2023

3 Patti Club Apk Download, What we are going to tell you today is absolutely true for you and your friends if you are interested in using your smartphone to earn money online sitting at home. Today we are writing for you about an incredible gems app that you can download because we have tried to tell you about it in this article. This way, when you wake up, you are playing the game for gems and getting paid well for your work.

Friends, if you also want to earn money by downloading this app, then we have given the link to download this app below, by clicking on which you can download this app from the official website. 3 Patti Club,

If you want to learn how to download this game’s software completely so you can start making money with it, keep reading. Let’s read the full article as a result.

About 3 Patti Club App!

3 Patti Club Involved in the mobile gaming market. Since its release in October 2023, 3 Patti Club Android App Downloaded by more than 100 million people. There are many styles of style in this work. Here you can earn money by playing different online games. Apart from participating in games, you can also earn money by inviting your friends to sports activities. Moreover, this wealth creation program can be used directly and transferred to any bank account of your choice.

teen patti club Also offers some additional features. There will be demand from people who want to use the system. So make sure you read the entire page before downloading this game.

3 How to Download and Install Patti Club App?

If you want to play games for money then you can play Download 3 Patti Club APK On your smartphone. So, if you follow the instructions given below you will be able to download the application.

download apk
  • To get started, you need to click on the download link given below.
  • Simply press the download button and the process of activating the download on your mobile device will begin.
  • After some time it will be downloaded on your mobile device.
  • At this point we will proceed to the Downloads folder.
  • If you click on the file to install it, it will automatically install on your mobile device.

3 How to create account in Patti Club app?

3 How to create account in Patti Club app?
  1. First of all, before proceeding to Step 1 of the process, you need to download and install the 3 Patti Club app on your mobile device, i.e. create an account.
  2. As soon as you open this app on your device, guest login will be activated for your application.
  3. Go to your account profile and select the option labeled “Bound Mobile Number”.
  4. At this time a form will appear in front of you; In this form you have to enter your mobile number and password before choosing the login option.
  5. Now an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Check your password from time to time.
  6. Once your account is registered, it will be mandatory for you to enter your mobile number, and immediately after creating your account, you will get an instant bonus of ₹12.

3 How to add money to Patti Club app?

By following these procedures, you will be able to add money from Paytm, PhonePe, BHIM UPI, WhatsApp, Google Pay and other similar services:

3 How to add money to Patti Club app?
  • Open the app, then go to the home screen and click “Add Money” to begin the process of adding money to your account.
  • When it’s filled, you’ll see an option labeled “Amount.” At this point choose the amount you want to add.
  • Now choose the method in which you want to fund your account.
  • Once you have completed all these steps you will need to click on the payment button so that your money can be processed.

3 Refer and Earn Program in Patti Club APK?

You can earn unlimited money using refer and earn functionality. If you have downloaded this gaming application and learned how to use it, you can earn ₹30,000 to ₹50,000 per month. If you want to start earning money from referrals then you need to copy your referral link before sharing it on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

3 Refer and Earn Program in Patti Club APK?

The person you worked with on the application. When players start contributing to the game by depositing money into their account. You will be responsible for paying tax to anyone who enters the game, and you will be paid a tax equal to 60% of that tax. It is certain that life will be within your reach till today. As a result, by getting more people to sign up using your referral link, you can increase the amount of income you make.

see and win

How to share this application?

  • Open 3 Patti Club APK on your device.
  • After that you will see the option to earn by referring others.
  • Simply click on Copy Link to get your personal referral link.
  • Now it is a link to share information through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram etc…
  • Anyone who adds money to your game through your friends will not be able to receive it.

3 Games Available in Patti Club!

3 Games Available in Patti Club!

Apart from this application, various types of card games have come to the aid of every user. You can earn thousands of rupees from your time by playing card games of this application. Below we will provide you with information about each game available through 3 Patti Club.

1. icc t20 11. dragon tiger
2. car roulette 12. 7 up and down
3. zoo roulette 13. crash
4. in and out 14. roulette
5. card rummy 15. baccarat
6. black jack 16. Ludo
7. i make patty 20-20 17. best out of five
8. go in and out 18. fruit line
9. poker 19. fishing crowd
10. ups and downs 20. i’m patty

3 VIP Bonus Features in Patti Club App?

every person who uses new 3 patti club game Participating in the free games will result in a free bonus of Rs 100,000. With the help of several bonus features included in this VIP program, players have the opportunity to earn sign-in bonuses, weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses and level bonuses. To avail the VIP Bonus feature, you first need to activate your VIP Simple Account by depositing a total of Rs 500 into your account.

3 VIP Bonus Features in Patti Club App?

3 How to Join VIP Program in Patti Club APK?

  1. Tap 3 Patty Club on your device to open the app.
  2. Type this on VIP button.
  3. The next step is to click on the “Purchased” button.
  4. Select amount more than ₹501.
  5. Click on the “Add Chips” label.
  6. Now the time has come to end this process.
  7. Also you will see that the amount you purchased will be upgraded to VIP1 status.

vip promotion award

It is important to know about your VIP promotion reward if you are a member, as it is a record that if you are at any VIP level for helping someone then you will get some benefit. You can check the program details below to know what kind of bonuses you get.

Dear friends: The great star has been promoted to this position, and the promotion award is coming soon. Join the VIP promotion immediately and you will get a bonus worth billions of rupees. Your star will be higher if you win, you can get more bonus if you win.

vip need to upgrade Victory weakly Monthly
vip 0 0 0 0 0
vip 1 500 0 0 0
vip 2 10 thousand rupees 10 30 60
vip 3 30 thousand rupees 15 40 70
VIP 4 80 thousand rupees 20 50 80
VIP 5 150 thousand rupees 25 60 90
VIP 6 Rs 250k 30 70 100
vip 7 Rs 450k 35 80 110
vip 8 Rs 750k 40 90 120
vip 9 Rs 1.15 million 45 100 130
vip 10 Rs 1.65 million 50 110 140
vip 11 Rs 2.35 million 55 120 150
vip 12 Rs 3.25 million 60 130 160
vip 13 Rs 4.35 million 65 140 170
vip 14 Rs.5.65m 70 150 180
vip 15 Rs 7.15 million 75 160 190
vip 16 Rs 8.95 million 80 170 200
vip 17 Rs.11.06m 85 180 210
vip 18 Rs 13.45 million 90 190 220
vip 19 Rs 16.15 million 95 200 230
vip 20 Rs 19.15 million 100 210 240

Progression Bonus in 3 Patti Club Game

You will be able to see additional progress of your progress using this application. Imagine you were able to earn ₹4,000 last week through referral services. Now, thanks to the referral feature, you will earn ₹10,000 per week. You will now withdraw ₹4,000 out of a total of ₹10,000, and then you will receive a bonus equal to the amount of money already available in your account. When we borrow ₹4,000 from ₹10,000, we get a total saving of ₹6,000. What the story means is that you will get a progress bonus of Rs 6000 here.

3 How to Withdraw in Patti Club APK?

This gives you the opportunity to watch live events, allowing you to transfer unused currency from your game account to your real-world bank account. The good news is that you have two options to apply for withdrawing your money, first through UPI name and second through bank, and you can apply in any of the following ways. The first option is issued by UP and the second option is issued by banks.

Friends, if you win money while playing games in 3 Patti Club, you have to get it back by following the coin splitting trick and on-screen instructions. After using it you will have to enter your account or accounts. However, when you create an account within the program, all transactions involving your bank account are automatically entered into the program. Apart from this, user’s account details are also collected. As a direct result, they have already covered all the areas related to them.

UPI Withdrawal:

If you want to withdraw money from your account, click on Withdraw button, then select Withdraw option, type your account details and click on Withdraw button again. To ensure that you get instant approval from the bank for your amount, you need to click on the button.

Withdrawal from your bank:

By using this method it will be very easy for you to withdraw money from your bank account. To accomplish this, click on the drop-down menu, then select the Bank option from the drop-down menu and enter the required bank details, such as your bank account number and business code. After entering the amount click on the output button at the bottom of the screen.

3 How to Withdraw in Patti Club APK?
  • step 1: First and foremost, before you go ahead and use the button labeled “Withdrawal” on the homepage, you need to make sure that you have a balance of at least one hundred yen in your account.
  • step 2: After that, click on the “+Bank Account” button to add your banking information to the institution you wish to withdraw from.
  • step 3: After adding the bank details, you need to enter the amount you want to withdraw in the field labeled “Amount” and then click on the “Withdraw” button.
  • step 4: After completing all these steps, your withdrawal will be processed successfully, after which you will receive your payment after a reasonable period of time.
download apk

Customer Support of 3 Patti Club APK!

Customer Support of 3 Patti Club APK!

Dear friends, within this application, you will have the opportunity to contact customer service. If you face any kind of problem while using this application, you can get the solution to your problem by directly talking to the customer service executive located at this location. You have the opportunity to engage in a live conversation with a representative from the customer service department through this platform.

3 Patti Club APK FAQ

Q.1. 3 What is the sign-up bonus in Patti Club App?

Answer. Sign-up bonus is ₹12 In this application.

Q.2. How many supported games are there in this application?

Answer. This is 3 Patti Club app, the company provides all 20+ types of games.

Q.3. When do I withdraw money from this application?

Answer. According to the rules and regulations given in this application, if you complete ₹ 100 then you will be able to withdraw it.