How to Monetize Facebook Page 2023 – Know in detail how to monetize Facebook page

By | September 16, 2023

How to Monetize Facebook Page: If you have a Facebook page with good followers and want to know in Hindi how to earn money from Facebook page, then definitely read today’s article. In today’s article I will tell you How to create a Facebook pageHow to increase followers on Facebook page and monetize Facebook page? I will give information about all the methods.

Facebook is one such social media platform. Which you will find in the mobile phone of almost every internet user. By creating their own profile on Facebook, users can share their thoughts, feelings, content etc. with their Facebook friends in the form of photos, videos and text messages.

of facebook mark zuckerberg Recently the name of Facebook has been changed to Meta. On Facebook, you can add maximum 5000 friends to your profile.

If you want to make friends with more people than that. So you have to create a Facebook page. By creating a Facebook page you can upload content on it regularly.

If you want to get correct, accurate and complete information about Facebook Page Monetize Kaise Kare (How to Monetize Facebook Page), then stay connected with this post till the end.

Before that we give you information about Facebook. If you have not created a Facebook page yet then read the previous article, Click Here: How to create a new Facebook page?

What is Facebook?

Facebook It is a social media platform, which is available in both the form of application and website. You can access Facebook with the help of mobile phone, laptop and tablet.

On Facebook, you can make friends from India and abroad and share your thoughts and feelings etc. with them. On Facebook, you can also chat with your friends through messages.

What is Facebook page? – What Is Facebook Page In Hindi?

Facebook Pages is one such feature provided by Facebook. where the user digital marketingSponsorship, or can post your own products and videos etc.

Any Facebook page can be seen by countless people and countless people can join it. The need for a Facebook page is especially important because only a maximum of 5000 people can be added to the Facebook profile.

Right to post on Facebook page only page admin A Facebook page can also be liked and followed, and reactions to the posts of that page can also be expressed.

Most Facebook pages are created to earn money. There are many people who create Facebook pages and monetization Here we will talk only about Facebook page monetization.

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How to create a Facebook page – Facebook Page Create Kaise Kare

How to Create Facebook Page For this we will ask you to follow the steps given below:-

  • First of all you have to “login with facebook” by entering your profile ID and password on Facebook.
  • After this you will see three dots on the right side of your profile, click on it.
  • When you scroll down the page, you will see the option of Pages there, you have to click on the same.
  • Now in the next interface, you will see “Create” button at the top left side, by clicking on it you can create a Facebook page.

Why is a Facebook page needed?

  • To spread your ideas and content to as many people as possible.
  • To earn money with the help of Facebook.
  • digital marketing to do.
  • To earn money from sponsorship and affiliate marketing.
  • To earn money by monetizing the page under Facebook Monetization Program (Facebook Creator Studio Monetization 2023).

Eligibility for Facebook Page Monetization – Facebook Page Monetization Eligibility 2023

  • You must be above 18 years of age.
  • The number of likes or followers on your Facebook page should be 10,000 or more.
  • Videos uploaded to your Page must have at least 10,000 hours of watch time in the last 60 days.
  • Under monetization, ads will be shown only on your videos which are more than 3 minutes.
  • View count will happen only after the user watches your video for more than 1 minute.
  • Your video should not contain any kind of violent, communal, terrorism supporting and obscene type of content.

How to monetize Facebook page? (How to Monetize Facebook Page)

How to Monetize Facebook Page After completing all the necessary conditions, now you can follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you have to visit the official website of Facebook and open your profile by entering ID and password.
  • You should be there”facebook creator studio monetization” option will appear, open it.
  • On the left side you will find the option of “Monetization”, select it.
  • If your page meets all the monetization requirements, you will see the In-Steam Ads option.
  • After turning on In-Steam Ads, now you have to give the details of your bank account in which Facebook will send your earnings.

By following these steps, you can You can monetize your Facebook page Can earn more money.

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How to Earn from Facebook Page – Other Ways to Monetize Facebook Page

#1. earn money from affiliate marketing

How to earn money from Facebook page Read this to know. You can also monetize your Facebook page through Affiliate Marketing. Although this is an indirect way of monetizing Facebook page, but this way the earning is very high.

In this way, you will need a good candidate for Facebook monetization eligibility. Affiliate Program By joining a network, you have to promote the product of that network on your Facebook page.

When a product is purchased from your Facebook page. So you are paid through Affiliate Network.

#2. Earn money by doing paid promotion on FB page

How to Earn from Facebook Page Will be told about here. This is also an indirect way of monetizing the Facebook page but with its help one can also earn good money.

To monetize your Facebook page in this way, it is necessary for your page to have a good number of followers. How to increase followers on Facebook page? We have given good information which you can read.

Then you can promote the product or service of any brand, company or organization on your Facebook page and charge money from them in return.

Apart from all this, you can also monetize Facebook reels in this way by starting sponsored posts on your Facebook page and promoting any other Facebook user.

#3. Earn money by playing the product

Facebook page monetization This is also a great way to do this if you do any work or business in which you manufacture your own products. So you can do their branding and marketing through your Facebook page.

By monetizing your Facebook page in this way, basically you expand your business and with the help of Facebook page, you bring new customers to your business.

When you promote your products on Facebook page and people buy them, you earn.

#4. Earn money from Audience Network

This is a monetization program of Facebook itself in which you can monetize any Facebook page like Google AdSense and earn money.

When you like this facebook page monetization If you post videos and articles on it and that content reaches other users, then you earn.

This is a great way to earn money from Facebook page, which today big social media owners are using to earn good money.

Facebook Profile Monetize Program The most important thing is that here you Google Adsense Just like CPC and RPM are available.

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Benefits of creating a page on Facebook

There are many benefits of Facebook page like:

  • With the help of Facebook page, you can build your own audience.
  • With the help of Facebook page, you can earn money in many ways.
  • If you create such a page then you become famous as a creator.
  • With the help of your page, you can convey your feelings and thoughts to as many people as possible.
  • You can also upload videos on Facebook Page.
  • And you can earn a lot of money from your Facebook by doing Facebook Monetization Eligibility Appeal.

Related Questions (FAQs) – Facebook Pages Monetization Eligibility 2023

What are the conditions for monetizing a Facebook page?

The most important condition for Monetization Facebook Page Eligibility is that your Facebook page should have at least 10,000 likes or followers.

How to earn money when Facebook page is monetized?

When your Facebook page is monetized, In-Steam Ads appear in the videos of your Facebook page, which earns you money.

What is the minimum number of videos there should be on a Facebook page so that it can be monetized?

To monetize a Facebook page, you should have at least 5 videos on your page.

What is a Facebook page?

In a way, it is a user profile account where you can add more than 5000 people.

What are other ways to earn money from Facebook page?

1. In stream ads
2. Fan Subscription
3. Stars
4. Quick Article
5. Paid Online Events
6. In-stream for live ads
7. Brand Collaboration Manager

Summary:- How to Monetize Facebook Page – Facebook Page Monetize Kaise Kare

Friends, through this article today we have given you complete information about Facebook page monetization. We hope that apart from this post you Facebook page monetization There will be no need to go anywhere else to know about.

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