IZ Casino APK Download | Get Bonus ₹30

By | September 16, 2023

IZ Casino ApkHappy Ace Rummy, Happy Ace Rummy, Happy Ace App – Friends, today we have a lot of trending for you. 3 leaf application Have brought information about. This Application I sing up When you do, you ₹30 Of baksheesh Is given, which is very good news for you. you that ₹30 bonus Can make full use of. Apart from this Application i you instant withdrawal also of Option Get.

IZ casino application Talking about, let us tell you that Application It was launched in the market just a few days ago. This Application As soon as it is launched Application More than one lakh people download done and the biggest thing is that many people here teen patti game And from the casino rummy game thousands of rupees per day by playing real cash also win.

Download IZ Casino Apk | Happy Ace Rummy

IZ Casino APK download failed It is very easy to do. You can directly access this by following easy steps Application To download can do. If you like this Application To play store If you search on , you will get this Application Will not be found there. But we will tell you this Application one of app download failed are given below. you this Application given below Download IZ Casino on the button Click in your smartphone download can do.

  • Given below download on the button Click do
    Google Chrome Opened in.
  • after this download on the button Click do
    download the app Will start happening.
  • download go to your library mobile But Click on Apk Do it.
  • download The process completed successfully.
    How to register in

How to Register in IZ Casino App Get ₹30 Bonus

if you ₹30 Of sing up and a lot more real cash Want to win. So, first of all, you should Application You will have to create an account.

  • IZ Casino Apk Given below download on the button Click by doing this Application To download Do it.
  • Now you open this application.
  • You will get three options guest login mobile login facebook login
  • Now mobile login on the button Click Do it. own Mobile Number Register.
  • now your mobile number but one otp Will come. To you otp Will have to verify.
  • Yours otp Will be verified, and your account will be ready.
  • in your account ₹30 Of sing up bonus Will also be added.

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  • ludo game
  • 3 patti game
  • ek patti game
  • poker war game
  • happy farmer game
  • best of five game
  • fishing rush game
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Play Dragon vs Tiger Game in IZ Casino APK

Friends, first of all you dragon vs tiger game You have to open it, after opening it you will see two animals on one side at the top. Leopard other side Python And friends, at the bottom you will find Charles’s Option You will see one animal, you have to walk towards it and then after some time, move upwards. 2 When you will open the cards, the animal on whose side the bigger card comes will win, that’s how friends. game Let’s play

Play Teen Patti Game at IZ Casino APK

Friends, first of all you teen patti game Have to open it, after opening it will be in front of you. 4 5
The players will appear and below you will see the moves Option After some time leaves will appear and on top of those leaves you will see C’s. Option It will appear, you have to click on it, your cards will open, if you think our cards are good then you have to make a move and if your cards are not good then you will get the pack button on the side, you can click on it. Click pack it up

Add Money to IZ Casino APK New Rummy

  • IZ casino application In money Given on home page to add add case Click on.
  • Now a new page will open in front of you. Enter the amount you want to add.
  • Now complete your KYC. KYC To complete, enter your name, mobile number and email. Identification Enter.
  • Now you have to make your payment through UPI or Paytm, Phone Pay or Google Pay confirmed payment, then your money Add Will go.

Withdraw money in IZ Casino APK

you this Application minimum at one time ₹500 to max ₹100000 You can enter payment up to Rs. Apart from this, you also have to pay a tax of 2 percent on filling petrol here.

  • First of all, from casino app Open and click Withdraw.
  • Then select your withdrawal method.
  • Click on Withdrawal Information to fill in your bank details.
  • You have to enter your account in that box and Removal Have to click on.
  • Your withdrawal will be successful.
  • now comes the matter withdrawal record To check.
  • so you records check To do this you have to click on it.
  • After entering you can quickly check the records.
  • Or you can check out the mail program of this app.

Refer and Earn Money in IZ Casino APK

Refer and Earn Money in IZ Casino APK
  • To take advantage of the referral program you must first copy your referral link.
  • Now refer this to your friends and acquaintances using the referral link. Application Invite to join.
  • Or you can share your referral link on any social media website like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp.
  • Now the more people you will connect with the referral link you share. ₹15 per joining baksheesh will get.
  • And apart from this, if anyone who joins you recharges his account then you will get 10% Commission will be available separately.
  • You get this commission for life.


Q. IZ Casino Apk how much in Sign up the bonus is

Ans – Sing Up Bonus Rs 30

Question 2: , IZ Casino Apps What is the minimum withdrawal?

Ans – Minimum withdrawal Rs. is 500

Question 3: , from casino app What is the maximum deposit amount?

Ans – Maximum deposit is Rs 100

Question 4: , from casino app How much bonus do you get for every invite?

Ans – Per invitation -Rs.15.

Question 5. – How much recharge commission do you get in Happy Ace Casino App?

Ans – Recharge commission 20% first deposit only.