Teen Patti Epic App Download | Bonus ₹60 | withdraw ₹100

By | September 27, 2023

teen patti epic app , If we find such an application in which we do not have any problem in earning money sitting at home, then in this article we are going to introduce you to one such application in which if you create an account, you will get ₹30 even above Free With this we are going to see a best program to earn money by referring people in it.

Which many people are also enjoying, perhaps you also know that refer How much money can be made by doing this?

How to create an account in Teen Patti Epic App?

friends are you guys teen patti epic app If you know how to earn money by creating an account, then yes friends, you can earn money by playing games by creating an account in it, in this you can create an account in it with the help of your mobile number and can generate money very easily. In this the following steps for creating an account are explained.

teen patti epic
teen patti epic
Teen Patti Epic App Download | Bonus ₹60 | Withdraw ₹100 - Rummy Offer
  • First of all you have to download this application
  • And by installing it on your smartphone open To do,
  • After opening, you will get the option to enter mobile number.
  • In which you can enter your mobile number and otp As soon as you enter the number, you will be registered for this application.
  • and in this ₹30 Get a bonus of Rs.

if you guys teen patti epic If you create an account inside this application, then you people will have to follow all these processes, only then you people can create an account inside this application in a very correct manner and can get the bonus in a proper way.

How many types of games are available in this Teen Patti Epic?

How many types of games are available in this Teen Patti Epic?
teen patti epic app game

if you guys teen patti epic download If you do this, you get support for more than 15 types of games and in most of the situations, you get support for 17 or even 18 types of games, which are also updated by the company at different times. To get information about this, you can continuously visit our website –

  1. i’m patty
  2. point rummy
  3. Andar Bahar
  4. 7 up and down
  5. dragon vs tiger
  6. jhandi munda
  7. car roulette
  8. red vs black
  9. fishing war
  10. 3 strip wise
  11. candy party
  12. slots
  13. golden india
  14. bikini heaven
  15. Baccarat AB
  16. wingo lottery
  17. AK47 Teen Patti

Note: – In all the applications given above, you people always have to keep in mind that this application is a kind of risky application and it involves financial risk, so you people use it carefully and at your own risk. Have to play.

How to add money in Teen Patti Epic?

Whenever you people are talking about why to add money inside this application, then you should also know what are the options available to you through which you will be able to add your money in it and what is the minimum amount. You people will be able to add money inside it, you can see all this information as follows –

  1. In this you can add a minimum amount ranging from ₹ 11 to ₹ 50,
  2. To add payment, you get the facility of UPI and bank,
  3. The money is credited to your game account within 5 minutes of adding it.

As you all learned that teen patti epic What options do you get to add money, but you always have to keep in mind that if any error occurs while adding money, then you can get its solution through customer support which will help you in this. Will be able to give more information about,

Add Epic in the following ways:-

  • First given on home page add epic Click on the button.
  • then in front of you add epic amount choose There will be an option to do
  • Select your amount and select your payment method from the box given below then click on the Add Epic button.
  • After that, as soon as you select Paytm, it will automatically redirect you to the Paytm application.
  • In which you can add your amount inside this application by making payment with the help of Paytm.

How to earn money from Teen Patti Epic APP?

Friends, if you also want to know how you can earn money inside this application, then for your information, let us tell you that in this you can earn in many different ways, so in this you can earn money by playing games. A very good system has been given in it for this 17 The game is included, send it to your friends refer There is also an option to earn money by doing this, you can do it for free. ₹200 epic claim You can claim up to ₹ 100 at the rate of 10% in case of loss of money in the Golak Bonus box.

what i told you Claim Free Epic ₹200 The system was told that you will be able to use it only after downloading this application, so download this game first and then start using it.

How to refer in Teen Patti Epic?

Teen Patti Epic App Refer and Earn Program

If you people want to earn money through referrals in this application, then a very good paper program has been given inside it, to use which you can follow the following methods –

  1. First click on Refer & Earn button
  2. On which 4 options will be visible for sharing 1.Facebook, 2.WhatsApp, 3.Other and 4.Copy Link Etc.
  3. Share it with your friends by clicking on Copy Link
  4. You will get commission if your friend registers.

Comment :- The best thing about this application is that you can withdraw the money received from referral directly into your bank account without playing any game, which is a very good and interesting feature of this application.

What is VIP Program in Epic Teen Patti?

if you guys vip If you want to know more about the program, then you will be able to know about it through this paragraph. vip Program is a type of program which teen patti or rummy application given inside weekly bonus Apart from the monthly bonus, it offers many different bonus programs and provides you a great opportunity to get it, with the help of which you can get the VIP bonus. Who teen patti epic app Is given in.

  • One day inside this you guys profit per day There is an opportunity to get a program under which you can get some amount every day under this program which is vip Comes under bonus program only.
  • In this you guys will get a weekly bonus A program has been given within which you can get the generated bonus within 1 week, for which you have to VIP Level-2 Will have to go over.
  • In this, you have been given a program of bonus to be received even during 1 month which is VIP Bonus And you guys can also get this bonus once in a month.
  • and this VIP Bonus also one inside level bonus A program has been given by the name, under which whenever you upgrade your level, you will get this bonus, which you can get from here.

How to Withdraw Money in Teen Patti Epic?

If you guys this teen patti epic apk If you want to send your money to your account within , that is, if you want to withdraw your money, then a very good program has been given in it, under which if you transfer the money present in it to the withdrawal balance, then you For him ₹100 After completing it, you can withdraw it through two mediums, the details are as follows.

  • UPI Withdrawal:- Inside this, whenever you withdraw your money through UPI Withdrawal Method, remember that it will take some time, because the UPI facility given by the company is a little slow.
  • Withdrawal from bank:- If you want to know about the fastest and permanent withdrawal method, then for this you can use the bank method, which is also provided by the company. recommended Yes, and you guys can use it to make very fast withdrawals.

Advice :- If you people make your withdrawal through any of these two mediums then one thing is sure that it may take you 5 minutes to half an hour, in which if you want to get your withdrawal fastest then For this you can use bank method.